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Flourish with Compassion

I chose the name 'Flourish with Compassion' for my psychotherapy practice because it represents two important elements in my clinical work that have remained consistent across the years:

  1. To help people recognize and enhance their personal strengths. We all have a set of strengths that have helped us through the difficult and amazing moments in our lives. Perhaps your curiosity and courage has kept you determined and willing to take risks through schooling and your career. Or, maybe your kindness has helped you create supportive relationships. When we struggle we can lose sight of who we are, what we have to offer and what we want. Learning to utilize your strengths will help you cope with adversity, feel more confident, make meaningful connections with others, and overall flourish.

  2. Having compassion for ourselves and others is critical for healing and wellness. We're not perfect... we've all made mistakes, struggled and felt lost or alone. With self-compassion we can mindfully allow ourselves to recognize these challenges without criticism or isolation. I've found that one of the major barriers that keeps us stuck is not having enough compassion. For example, if you didn't receive the promotion, had your heart broken, received a low grade or experienced some other loss, criticizing yourself for what you did or didn't do will only add to your suffering. Although compassion does not 'fix' the underlying problems, it alleviates the pain and might make it easier to trust in yourself, connect with others, problem-solve and have hope.

My hope is that through my private practice, I can help my clients learn how to flourish with compassion.

Check out my Instagram @compassionate_counsellor for more helpful information and let me know some topics you'd be interested in learning more about through this blog. Thank you :)

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