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The Ordinary is Extraordinary: Finding Happiness Where it Matters

Scrolling through your social media feed in the summer you see several extraordinary moments featured in people’s lives. Their travels, their sports, their parties, and their family get togethers. All these experiences can hold value and so do the moments in-between.

The days you spent at work-- whether it be repairing roads, serving that much needed coffee, maintaining a home, stocking grocery shelves with food, raising children, harvesting the fields, or caring for those sick and hurting—makes a difference and serves a purpose.

There are other, smaller moments, that matter as well. It might be finally organizing that catchall drawer and feeling satisfied with having everything in its proper place. Or it might be your cat curling up on your lap while you read a book. (Actually, the cat is likely curling up on your book while you’re trying to read the pages!) It could also be watching the new episode of your favourite show or completing that painting you’ve worked hours on. Perhaps, it was like me finally(!) weeding my fruit garden and seeing my blueberry bushes come back to life.

Pause for a moment and reflect on all the big and small moments that have happened this summer.

What stands out will likely be those experiences that were shared doing the things that matter and/or with the people (or pets) that matter.

I had a ‘what matters moment’ when all my family was unexpectedly at home on a very hot day. We filled up our blue plastic kiddie pool, added the slip and slide, some water balloons, a picnic blanket, and some cold drinks and snacks. It was the BEST moment because we were together and entirely absorbed in that experience.

The always wise Brene Brown states, “I don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness- it’s right in front of me if I’m paying attention and practicing gratitude.”

We have a few weeks left of summer. Focus on what matters to you.

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